Why the Hell is that Light Blinking?! Why Men Must Decorate the House Solo for Christmas

The holiday season is once again upon us. The temperature is dropping and snow will soon begin to fall. The time to bask in the Christmas spirit and compete against your neighbors in the holiday decorating contest draws closer and closer to Christmas Day.

Ever Wonder why men need to decorate the house for Christmas and NEVER ask for help? No matter how hard of a time men seem to have in setting up the variety of Christmas decorations that overwhelm the house, they can’t seem to muster the fortitude to request assistance.

When a man wants to decorate the house for Christmas or any holiday for that matter, it is not for the sake of being festive. Men have to create. Decorations on the house, specifically the lights, are a form of art that can not be jeopardized by the opinions of others. Constant attention to the meticulous behavior of your man’s light strategy will not get anything done. Simply leave a ladder, a cup of hot beverage and electrical tape (a variety of colors would be ok) and put the Christmas village together, immediately making yourself Mayor of Santa’s Workshop.

Lights on the house require finesse and strategic planning. Mapping out of an electrical grid to make sure the house is sufficiently decorated, with an even display of static and dynamic lights, sounds complicated because it is! THere is no way in hell we as men will allow or should allow one side of the decorations to be blinking and the other side to not be blinking. THere is no strategy in the Art of War that could compete with the planning it takes to put lights up for Christmas.

THe decoration of the man’s home is a representation of his character. If for some reason the neighbor’s lights are better, whether he has the new spiral swirl icicle lighting strands or the biggest blow up snow globe on the face of the earth, we have to have it! Men have egos and are more than willing to display it for all to see; especially during Christmas.

Our decorations require a piece of our soul in order to be displayed with pride. Men want to decorate because it is their way of saying to the world around them, “I am a creator of art. Let me express to you my soul in the world of exotic light formation.” Men will never say this. It can only be expressed in the art of Christmas decor.

If your man becomes grumpy about decorating the house, do not take this as a sign that he does not want to partake in this event. It is merely a game preparation for lighting the house properly. If your man goes out excitedly and acting merrily there is a slight chance that he may put the cord on the wrong side of the house and have to redo his work. Make sure to nag him to do the lights. This is the best way to keep him prepped for the big event.

Let your man finish what he starts with the same attitude going in. Being angry is good. There are a lot of lights and a lot of knots to untangle. Somehow, by the grace of  the Christmas spirit, the lights got tangled, even though they were carefully wrapped with twist ties and labels. THe faded soldiers that have protected this house must be replaced with the blown up Grinch display. What is the cost of such a thing? Don’t even ask because he bought it already.

Decoration cost is of no matter to your man. If he wants to spend money on decorations and the electric bill for the next six months by all means allow it. Christmas is only once a year so let your man enjoy his moment of artistic retreat. THe decorating of your house for Christmas is a spectacular time. Allow your man to enjoy the brisk winter air and the holiday spirit. If your man goes the full monty and decorates the inside as well, remember this little tid-bit of information:

Let him do it. He is expressing his inner artistic child and wants this Christmas and every one to follow to be perfect. Just sit back and enjoy the man doing something without really having to be told to do it. Chances are he is planning on doing it anyway. Happy Holidays Everyone!