No questions before 10AM

This was the first rule I ever instituted, and still my favorite. No questions before 10 am keeps my household running smoothly, and prevents 80% of arguments. The rule is simple, I will not answer any questions before 10am. The reasoning is simple, I am not a morning person and know that I’m not in the frame of mind to make binding decisions before 10 AM. As any of you with a significant other know, all decisions can potentially become binding decisions, so thus, no questions may be answered.


Is this just for questions from spouses or for all questions?

Primarily spouses, but with enough determination, it could be rolled out to family and friends. Implementation with coworkers is difficult.

What if I have something important to ask?

You don’t

But it’s an emergency!

If its a true emergency, you shouldn’t be asking questions, you should be calling 911 or following my lead through the zombie fields.

What about phone calls?

Put the phone down. I won’t answer them before 10 am.


Sign out of AOL, then read the 4 hour work week. I don’t answer emails until 10am, not even invitations to astronaut camp.

are there an circumstances under which you will answer questions before 10am?

So far I’ve found few reasons to make exception. Those that made the list include:

Would you like me to make you waffles and bacon? (because waffles and bacon)
Do you have any cash in your wallet? (because of the financial implications of non-action)
Do you realize it’s Saturday? (because of the additional sleep implications)

Do you have more questions you think should make the exception list? Leave them in the comments field.